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Company news about Medical devices and equipment spiral CT slip ring.

Medical devices and equipment spiral CT slip ring.


Latest company news about Medical devices and equipment spiral CT slip ring.

What is the slip ring of spiral CT of medical apparatus and instruments equipment, what effect does it have again?Medical CT equipment is a health examination equipment required by many hospitals. At present, spiral CT, spiral slip ring CT and high pressure slip ring are basically adopted in most hospitals, while spiral continuous slip ring is adopted in low pressure slip ring, which makes up for the deficiency of traditional CT.slip ring technology has been used in medical CT equipment for several years. It can be divided into high voltage slip ring and low voltage slip ring according to the transmission voltage.




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More commonly known as "collecting rings" and "conducting rings", these are rotating electrical appliances updated with carbon brushes and copper rings in the electrical equipment, and are similar in structure.With the update and development of slip ring technology, the slip ring is also made of copper ring and moved with the brush, transmitting the current and signal of the stationary part and the rotating part, solving the winding problem caused by rotation, which is better than the rough carbon brush and copper ring in the motor in many other aspects.Therefore, the application field of slip ring is expanding, from revolving doors, elevators, image monitoring equipment, spiral slip ring CT equipment around us to radar antenna in the military field, satellite antenna in the aviation field, etc.


The role of the high-voltage slip ring in spiral CT is to transmit the high voltage of about 10,000 volts output by the X-ray high-voltage generator, which has high requirements on the production of the brush line and copper ring inside the slip ring, and is the direct transmission mode of the high-voltage ball tube.Because the high pressure is transmitted, such a slip ring is easy to absorb dust. It attaches great importance to the pollution and ignition of brush and copper ring, so it has certain requirements for its safety and life.Through the research and experiment of our engineer team, our sliding ring has finally solved these problems successfully. Please customize our high pressure sliding ring!The low voltage slip ring delivers the low voltage large current from the outside of the frame to the high voltage generator on the rotating frame. In order to provide the large current, it must be changed according to the size of the brush and copper ring.


Shenzhen CENO Electronics co., LTD. Is a major supplier of spiral CT in the field of medical devices and equipment. Our CT slips are used in many public and private hospitals both at home and abroad.If you need a specially made slip ring, please contact.Fast delivery, product quality assurance, logistics and transportation safety.

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