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Company news about Slip ring design principle - rolling tower

Slip ring design principle - rolling tower


Latest company news about Slip ring design principle - rolling tower

The rolling lap principle is a common design principle and widely used in the building engineering and automatic science. The rolling lap principle refers to a method of rolling two objects to contact with each other to realize communication between two components. The rolling lap principle can be applied to the design and production of various mechanical device, construct components and electric equipment. Firstly, CENO often refers the rolling tower principle to design and manufacture slip ring.


CENO slip rings which designed based on rolling lap principle have a wide range of applications, especially in mechanical devices. Take the transmission device for example, slip ring is used to connect two shafts, so that can transmit power and initiate motion to each side. This type of connection method can reduce friction, Improve transmission efficiency, and has higher reliability to keep performance stably.


In the design and manufacturing of electronic devices, the rolling lap principle is widely adopted. Take the application in PCB for example, 2pcs or multi layers of PCB can be connected firmly and transmit power and electrical signal to each other smoothly within the method of rolling lap principle. The connection method can reduce the resistance at the connection, and improve the performance and reliability of the chemical electronic automatic equipment.


Rolling lap principle is widely applied in mechanical device and electronic equipment etc., Two components contact each other and linkage by them. The performance and reliability of device can be improved and reduce friction as well. The application of the rolling lap principle can not only improve device’s efficiency and stability, but also improve structure parts’ load-bearing capacity and anti-vibration, as well as electronic equipment’s performance and transmission. Thus it’s important to reasonably forthputting the rolling lap joint principle during the design and manufacturing process.



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