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Company news about Slip-ring features for robots

Slip-ring features for robots


Latest company news about Slip-ring features for robots

With the rapid development of industrial automation, industrial robots have been applied in various places. Under this background, industrial robots have replaced jobs with large labor force and poor working environment.Expert research shows that the domestic industrial robot market is mainly located in the automobile, motorcycle, electrical equipment, construction machinery, petrochemical and other industries, and enterprises have a stronger demand for technological progress, among which the main robot users are also in the automobile manufacturing industry, construction machinery industry, motor, electronics industry.The demand and varieties of national industrial robots increase greatly every year.Several new types of robots have emerged, increasing the demand for conductive springs.


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This robot is called a robotic arm.With the continuous development of industrial technology, robots, which are rarely seen in the quartermaster department and large factories, have gradually come into people's sight.A robot is a mechanical device that performs work automatically. It can perform pre-programmed steps quickly while being directed by a human.The future is the mechanical equipment to assist human work. With the development of science and technology, human progress, construction industry, industry or more dangerous work requires the addition of automatic equipment. Robots are more flexible, deeper and more efficient than human activities.The rotating joint of the robot is complex in structure and easy to maintain. The rotating part of the robot needs conductive spring, which helps to transmit power and signals to maintain the movement of the robot during rotation

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The number of electrical slip ring paths for automatic equipment is 300, for automatic robots.The main signals transmitted are Ethernet signal, RS485/422 signal, USB signal, servo motor signal, Canbus signal, strain gauge signal, encoder signal, thermocouple and other signals.This kind of special conductive slip ring is generally characterized by low speed, high life, easy maintenance and so on, which is the best solution for automatic pro

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