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Company news about Slip Ring for Gear less Steerable Propulsion System

Slip Ring for Gear less Steerable Propulsion System


Latest company news about Slip Ring for Gear less Steerable Propulsion System


With the development of technology, modern ships take up a more efficient propulsion system. Gear less steerable propulsion system is a heat in the industry. In this system the electric drive motor is in a submerged pod outside the ship hull. The gear less propulsion units, also known as azimuthing podded drive (Azipod) can rotate 360 degrees to increase maneuverability and operating efficiency, with the proven ability to cut fuel consumption compared to traditional shaft line propulsion systems. The electric power is controlled by an on board frequency converter, and transmitted to the electric motor via power slip rings at the power transmission and steering module. To realize steering while guaranteeing a constant and stable drive, slip rings are essential components.

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The latest slip ring model developed by CENO is designed exclusively for the gear less steerable propulsion system, the Azipod system. Such model can facilitate megawatt-level applications. Compared to those applied in electric-driven passenger liners, this model can integrate current channels with larger capacity—up to 4000A. It is also upgraded in case of working voltage, from 440V to 690V. This propulsion system slip ring is a sub branch of hydraulic and pneumatic integrated slip ring which have channels for large current, gas and liquid transmission. Hydraulic channels are used for lubricating oil and liquid coolant while the pneumatic channel is for compressed air transmission.




Aside from the extraordinary integrated transmission capability, high protection level is also a demanding element in this type of slip ring. Because in many high-class marines, the Azipod system not only provide drive of the ship but also function as icebreaker. To enable such powerful function, slip rings should be able to cope with various temperature and high water-proof level. To maintain smooth and stable function of the propeller, slip rings should endure vibration and shock. CENO slip ring has won a good reputation in term of protection level. According to different requirements of the customers, CENO can provide custom slip ring with protection grade up to IP68.

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