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Company news about Slip ring for high definition ,high speed security monitoring case

Slip ring for high definition ,high speed security monitoring case


Latest company news about Slip ring for high definition ,high speed security monitoring case



High speed ball camera is a kind of intelligent camera front end, full name is intelligent high speed ball camera, short for high speed ball.High-speed ball is the most complex camera front end with the best comprehensive performance in the monitoring system. It is complicated in manufacture and expensive, and can adapt to the high-density and most complex monitoring occasions.High-speed ball is a highly integrated product that integrates the pantom-head system, the communication system, and the camera system. The pantom-head system refers to the rotating part driven by the motor, the communication system refers to the control of the motor and the processing part of the image and signal, and the camera system refers to the integrated machine movement.


The advantages of high-speed ball application in urban road monitoring include:

Road monitoring requires a wide range of monitoring. In traffic intersections with large population density, 360-degree monitoring is required, which is omni-directional and has no blind spot. The image is clear and can be used as evidence evidence.


The high speed ball equipment has a conductive slip ring, which can rotate at 360 degrees continuously at high speed. It is equipped with an integrated camera with high multiple of automatic focus. Generally, the optical doubling is 18 times, 22 times, etc. In important traffic intersections with high requirements, the integrated camera with 26 times and 35 times can be selected, which can fully meet the all-round needs of monitoring.


The role of the slip ring in the high-speed ball: real-time transmission of high-definition video signal, weak control signal and power signal when the high-speed ball is rotating at high speed.

BCCN series miniature conductive slip ring cap type conductive slip ring is the general name of a series of conductive slip rings with circular flange on the shell, cap type slip ring looks like a hat, compact design, small volume, easy to install.Mainly used for the transmission of small and medium-sized systems weak control signals, weak current.Such as video, control, sensing, power supply, Ethernet, with low torque, low loss maintenance free;Low electrical noise.Recommended reasons: low price, cost-effective.


Typical applications: HD security monitoring, photography and video, HD video.

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