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Company news about Slip ring on scraper for underground mine

Slip ring on scraper for underground mine


Latest company news about Slip ring on scraper for underground mine


The conductive slip ring material of underground mining excavators has strong mechanical strength, is a good conductor of electricity, corrosion resistance, and when it is folded with the electric brush, the conductive slip ring has abrasion resistance and stable folding characteristics.Generally speaking, steel collector ring good wear resistance, mechanical strength, so more for polarity caused by the collector ring wear difference of the synchronous motor.


latest company news about Slip ring on scraper for underground mine  0

Generally speaking, excavator collector ring has good wear resistance and high mechanical strength, so it is mainly used for synchronous motor with large wear difference of collector ring caused by polarity.Because steel can be processed into a complex structure, it is an easy to hold and cheap material, so it is widely used in synchronous machines including hydro-generators with low circular speed.Like turbo-generators, forged steel is also used in collector rings that emphasize mechanical strength and wear resistance at high cycle speeds.In addition, in the case of corrosion resistance, you can use stainless steel, but the bending characteristics of stainless steel is not stable, if not consistent with the combination of brush, brush vibration will occur, brush temperature rise is high, easy to wear abnormal, so when using conductive slip ring, please pay attention to slip.Bronze castings and other copper collector rings have better folding characteristics than steel ones, so they are widely used. However, if they contain a large amount of low melting point lead, the phenomenon of lead shedding will occur due to the heating of the electrification point, which will easily cause the wear of collector rings and abnormal wear of brushes.


Conductive slip ring adopts contact, which can effectively solve the problem of brush temperature rise and abnormal wear.

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