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Company news about Slip ring used in musical fountains

Slip ring used in musical fountains


Latest company news about Slip ring used in musical fountains


Music fountain is a kind of movable fountain created for entertainment. Underwater slide ring is an important part of the normal operation of music fountain. Music fountain is designed according to aesthetics and often produces three-dimensional effect.In this process, the water is manipulated to scatter and deflect light, and a three-dimensional image is created.The underwater slip ring plays an irreplaceable role in this process.


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Waterproof slip ring is a slip ring used in special conditions of moisture, corrosion and underwater.According to the different working environment, the waterproof slip ring can be divided into IP65, IP67, IP68 and other protection levels.




Waterproof slip ring are widely used in ocean research, seabed exploration and offshore drilling platform or Marine cable capstan Marine cable, can not only in drilling, exploration has played a very good role, such as waterproof slip ring installation is very convenient, it is fixed on the winch, end can rotate, the ends of the wire connected to the two junction box.Civilian waterproofing slip ring is one of the application of music fountain, the modern design into the fountain of the current popular digital fountain show, laser show, fire fountain light the latest technology products, the feeling of cool style nature cannot leave the role of the slip ring, a fountain of appearance, can attract local people to appreciate, water type program and the fusion of music got people rave reviews,Become a beautiful scenery line.

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