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Company news about Slip rings for Security Industry

Slip rings for Security Industry


Latest company news about Slip rings for Security Industry

The slip ring is widely used in security monitoring device which is a focal rotary products with a health monitoring and data logging system. When installed as an option in the system, required the high performance of conductive slip ring on the effect of Uni-com, rotary joint and feedback signals.


latest company news about Slip rings for Security Industry  0


The Model BCN series slip ring is a miniature, rugged parts for security monitoring device to keep it 360 degree continuous rotating , provides real-time access to diagnostic information as well as data storage for offloading at a later time.


What’s more,a slip ring is in a variety of production and processing, mechanical equipment, military weapons and physical experiment, such as the material conveying system, robots, rotating platform, machining center, packaging machinery and so on. Therefore slip ring can solve these industry problems.



Features of BCN series miniature slip ring:


1. Available in a range of diameters, from 12.5-16.0mm

2. Circuit counts up to 30 circuits as standard, other customizable.

3. Circuits combination is available (video, control , sensor, power, Ethernet and so on)

4.High speed data transmission is compatible for some special module (Firewall or USB2.0)

5. Low electric noise , long life time, reliable operating, which is special fit for small / miniature rotating system of transmitting low controlling signal.

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