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Company news about Small robotic arm slip ring

Small robotic arm slip ring


Latest company news about Small robotic arm slip ring



Mechanical arm, also known as industrial robot, is the most widely used automation machinery and equipment in the field of modern industry.It can be instructed to locate a point precisely in three or two dimensions.It can be seen in industrial manufacturing, medical care, entertainment services, military, semiconductor manufacturing, and space exploration.

latest company news about Small robotic arm slip ring  0

A mechanical arm is a mechanical device that completes the work automatically.Running pre-programmed programs can also operate according to principles and procedures laid down by AI technology.Its task is to assist or replace human work, such as production, construction or dangerous work.



Industry requirements:

Small volume, multi-loop, high precision





Features of robot slip ring products:

Up to 300 special slip-ring channels for the manipulator arm can transmit various control and sensor signals

The special slip ring for robot arm generally has the characteristics of long life and free maintenance

We can also design and manufacture a variety of special slip rings according to your requirements.The manipulator commonly used in industry is generally composed of a base, a telescopic arm, a rotating head and a claw.The base and the whole manipulator can rotate 360 degrees, and the rotating head can also rotate 360 degrees indefinitely, so that the work piece can be placed at any Angle within a certain range after grabbing.

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