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Company news about Special slip ring for ultra-micro UAV

Special slip ring for ultra-micro UAV


Latest company news about Special slip ring for ultra-micro UAV

With the maturity and development of UAV technology, because of its easy operation, less land and take off by site limits, stability good safety advantages of applying in the field of various industries.with aerial, quick delivery and very practical function, since a few years ago cap type slip ring after applied to the UAV technology, cap type of slip ring market demand suddenly expanded several times, and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) requirements of small size, light weight, these are the advantages of the slip ring cap type, so the micro slip ring slip ring became the darling of the market, a lot of slip ring manufacturers expand production line, seize market opportunities.


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In order to realize the unlimited rotation of HD camera and other devices on the UAV platform and have the functions of efficient maneuver and fast capture, we usually use miniature slide ring or MSDI HD slide ring on the UAV to make it have functions such as communication and conductivity, making the UAV more intelligent.

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Shenzhen CENO has specially designed a CCN series miniature slip ring for UAV platform, with an outer diameter of only 6.5mm and a length of 11.9mm, with 2~8 electrical signal channels and a maximum signal current of 2A.The use of gold contact, to ensure stability and service life, mainly for civil and commercial fields.The products adopt American military surface treatment technology, super hard gold coating treatment, ensure very low resistance fluctuation and super long working life.Mainly used for transmission of small and medium-sized system weak control signal, weak current.Such as video, control, sensing, power, Ethernet, with low torque, low loss, maintenance free and other advantages.

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