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Company news about The maximum temperature of the slip ring

The maximum temperature of the slip ring


Latest company news about The maximum temperature of the slip ring

Generally, the default temperature of conductive slip ring manufacturer is -30~80 ℃.High or low temperature slip rings may be explained to the manufacturer as high temperature slip rings or others.A high temperature slip ring is an electric slip ring that can operate at more than 800 degrees Celsius.

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High temperature resistant slip ring, as the name suggests, is specially designed to work in high temperature environment conductive slip ring.Can transmit precision signal, weak current, large current, high voltage.Generally speaking, beyond the normal operating temperature range of the slip ring, the life of the slip ring will be rapidly reduced, and even lead to direct damage.The high temperature resistant conductive slip ring can be used continuously for a long time under high temperature environment without affecting its electrical performance. Therefore, this is the high temperature resistant conductive slip ring, which is an important factor that ordinary conductive slip ring cannot compare with.

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Optional high temperature slip ring (functional customization)


rated speed

operating temperature

circuit number

enclosure material and color

outline size

special wire

wire outlet location

wire length

IP class

terminal type

customizable high temperature slip rings

high temperature resistant slip rings

high temperature conductive slip rings.


With the wide application of slip ring, the requirement of slip ring is higher and higher.Nowadays, some devices often work continuously at high temperature, which poses a high demand for the performance of the sliding ring and also a challenge.Therefore, for this kind of high temperature resistant slip ring, the corresponding structural design should be carried out to ensure the stability of power signal transmission.In the case of long operation at high temperature, the effect of heat generated on the product material should be considered at the beginning of the design.

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