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Company news about The role of CENO slip ring in the shield machine

The role of CENO slip ring in the shield machine


Latest company news about The role of CENO slip ring in the shield machine

There are kinds of slip rings in CENO electric company, as function slip rings designed for special machines. The following is taken as example.


Tunnel boring machine (TBM), full name is shield tunneling machine or full section tunnel boring machine, it is a tunnel boring machine using shield tunneling method. The tunnel boring machine company contact CENO to design a special slip rings for this kind of machine, different machine model , working environment and special function match with different slip rings. The tunnel boring machine can be divided into mechanical cutting type, open type, mesh type or extrusion type. This machine has the characteristics of excavate at once to complete the tunnel, from the beginning of excavate, push, spreed all completed by it, The efficiency of subway excavate improve to 8 or 10 times.


The main control room is also located on the platform vehicle, which controls the entire driving process. The tunnel boring machine is equipped with monitoring equipment, precise positioning once every 10 seconds, and real-time video monitoring. All driving parameters are transmitted to the main control room and the ground monitoring and control room in real time through optical fiber.Optical fiber slip ring is inevitably used in the shield machine. The data between various system components is transmitted through optical fiber. The use of optical fiber slip ring can avoid the damage of movable joints to the optical fiber and provide continuous or intermittent optical fiber data transmission.The photoelectric slip ring combined with the electric slip ring can provide the needed power for the control system, thus improving the overall mechanical performance and simplifying the operation of the system.


CENO icontinues to develop our abilities and focus on creating new technology that drives change, meets the needs of CENO's customers, partners, and challenges our team.


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