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Company news about The role of slip ring in robot arms

The role of slip ring in robot arms


Latest company news about The role of slip ring in robot arms


With the development of science and technology and the continuous progress of society, mechanical automation equipment will replace manpower and become the main productive force in the factory. The conductive slip ring has been widely used. As the key parts of automation equipment, the slip ring technology has been greatly developed.The demand for conductive slip rings is increasing, and various environments have higher and higher requirements for slip rings. In order to adapt to the progress of science and technology, the slip rings now need to realize the transmission of images, data, signals and power in any environment.



latest company news about The role of slip ring in robot arms  0


With the development of computer programming technology and electronic technology, industrial robots from the initial rigid activities of machines to today's refinement of each joint.Industrial robots move more and more like humans, not only with arms, but also with fingers.In the past, the connection between all by the wire, and the wire is very easy to move, resulting in wire winding, and this problem is solved by the industrial robot slip ring, more specifically, by the conductive slip ring.





In the context of the moving joints and stationary arms of an industrial robot, it is not difficult to understand the so-called rotation and immobility.And conductive slip ring not only be able to use on the robot, can also be used in the machine arm, a helicopter, operating lamp, aviation equipment, tanks, etc., which require transmission signal, and equipment or the conductor is difficult to achieve, can consider practical slip ring, of course, we also need according to the actual situation is analyzed.In order to achieve and meet our various needs.



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