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Company news about The structure and working principle of liquid slip ring

The structure and working principle of liquid slip ring


Latest company news about The structure and working principle of liquid slip ring

The internal parts of a liquid slip ring mainly include a rotor, a stator located inside the rotor and a chassis for fixing the stator.The liquid slip ring structure and working principle is as follows: the center of rotation of the stator fixed installed in the chassis, the rotor through the bearings with the stator rotating, rotating platform through transmission pole stator rotates, the input cable transmission through the stator on gold-plated conductive ring to the stator's inner hole of the connection, to introduce the power and the input signal.


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However, to install the rotor with liquid slip ring, many gold alloy brush wires need to be fixed on the bracket. These brush wires contact and slide with the conductive ring to realize power supply and point signal transmission.In addition, the rotor of the liquid slip ring is covered with a sealed aluminum alloy cylinder, bolted and sealed with an industrial sealant.A plurality of output power connection piles are arranged on the sealed aluminum alloy cylinder of the liquid slip ring, and these power connection piles are connected with the aluminum alloy cylinder by cables, so that the liquid slip ring can realize the transmission of power and electrical signals.



The contact materials of the liquid slip ring components are mainly treated with precious metal and super hard gold plating, and the contact method is family brush plating multi-point contact.Therefore, this kind of liquid slip ring is reliable in contact, small in heat, small in friction torque, stable in operation, long in wear life, small in contact resistance, small in resistance fluctuation, excellent in transmission performance.In addition, the shell material is made of aluminum alloy, which not only meets the strength requirements of the conductive ring, but also dissipates heat quickly. Heat dissipation does not need to be considered when passing through large current.At the same time, the hydraulic slip ring adopts the internal strong and weak electric isolation and special shielding module, which is suitable for portable crane to transmit both power supply and various micro electric control signals.In addition, the water-proof design of the hydraulic slip ring adopts the out-line water-proof gran, which is suitable for the working conditions of portable cranes under bad environment such as ports, docks and freight yards.The conductive ring assembly adopts hollow structure, which is advantageous to the port tire crane to transmit the compressed air, hydraulic oil and other fluid medium between the conductive slip ring.

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