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Company news about The working principle and technical prospect of USB slip ring

The working principle and technical prospect of USB slip ring


Latest company news about The working principle and technical prospect of USB slip ring



CENO slip ring and start agreement is fully compatible with the USB signal, and compatible with all USB protocol, and the actual communication speed is greater than 1 GBPS, can mix conductive to transmit IEEE1394, USB1.0, USB, the start signal, up to eight USB transmission channels at the same time, you can work with the current channel or gas-liquid rotating connector, due to the material adopted the rare metal with hard gold plating process, to have a long service life.



How USB signal slip ring works ?


USB signal slip rings, more commonly called USB data slip rings, are specifically designed to transmit USB signals and are widely used in information and communication products such as PCS and mobile devices, and have been extended to other related fields such as photography equipment, digital television (set-top box) and game consoles.CENO USB signal slip ring can be used for transmission of USB1.0, USB2.0, USB3.0 data signals, with the advantages of mixed electrical power channel and signal channel transmission stability, data packet lossless, non-string code, low insertion loss.


Prospect of USB signal slip ring technology


With the upgrade of digital signal interface, the demand of USB3.0 interface slip ring is increasing.CENO has accelerated research and development based on its technical strength and is currently developing various types of precision conductive slip rings with integrated USB signals.The US military coating technology, precious metal + super hard gold plating treatment, ultra-low BER bit error rate, ultra-high signal-to-noise ratio and many other advantages, to solve the rotary connection between the parts of the large capacity, high-speed transmission problem, USB signal slip ring is more and more widely used.

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