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Company news about Through hole slip ring

Through hole slip ring


Latest company news about Through hole slip ring


Through hole slip rings is also called as hollow shaft slip rings.CENO's hollow shaft slip ring hole size from 3mm to 980mm are optional.Standard through hole size are 12.7mm, 25.4mm, 38.1mm, 50mm, 60mm, 70mm, 80mm, 100mm which we named as ECN012, ECN025, ECN038, ECN050... and all other size are capable to be customized.Various signal such as Ethernet,USB,HDMI,SDI,Canbus,profibus and power are capable to be integrated into one slip rings to fulfill multi-function system’s demand.CENO has accumulated abundant experience on design solution of Anti-vibration,anti-shock,corrosion proof,water proof and cross talk prevention. Flexible structure design on integrated slip rings attract more and more market,not only civil industry,but also defense field.


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Slip rings enable the transfer of electric power or signal across a rotating part, such as those found in radar antennae, gun turrets, periscopes, electro-optic sensor gimbals and space satellites. The sliding contact is established by a brush that presses against a metal ring.



This ECN080-04P2-08P1 slip ring with through bore size 80mm, with 60 rpm working speed .it can combine with power.signal.Ethernet,USB,Control Net.CANBUS. PROFIBUS. It could also be mounted by shaft or optional flange mounting.It's widely used for cable reels,wind generators, for the lighting industry,cameras,automotive applications and for research and development.CENO also can provide different solutions according to customer’s requirments,please contact us by email





Through hole size: 3mm~980mm

Circuit number: up to 300

Protection grade: up to IP68

Rotation speed: 1100rpm

Current: up to 2000Amp

Signal type to be integrated: Ethernet,USB,HDMI,SDI,Canbus,profibus,audio.


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