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Company news about Through hole slip ring for CC link signal

Through hole slip ring for CC link signal


Latest company news about Through hole slip ring for CC link signal


The through-hole slip ring transmits the electric and the CC-link signal simultaneously! CENO offers the custom slip ring for different special feature requirements like the anti-shock, high-temperature resistance, water-proof, dust-proof, excellent seal performance, etc. The lead time of custom slip ring samples is within 3 days, which is shorter than peer slip ring factories! Strong customizing capability, professional suggestion, strict product testing, fast and safe delivery! Welcome to consult CENO slip ring product or customizing service!


Preview Of Through-Hole Slip Ring For CC-Link Signal


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CC-Link signal just one type in transmitting signal of the slip ring. The CC-Link is the abbreviation of control and communication link, which has a large data capacity, optional communication speed, and widely is applied to industrial automation equipment.


The 3 typical network signal for industrial automation is the Ethernet, ELSECNET/H, and the CC-Link! CENO through-hole slip ring still can be designed with these signal transmitting like the CC-Link, Gigabit Ethernet, USB, Device-net, Can-bus, RS232, RS485, the thermocouple, Servo, HDMI, etc.


The through-hole is one type of signal slip ring, which is chosen basing on the equipment installation requirement! If the equipment rotating shaft is not solid one, but is a hollow one, you may choose the capsule type! More details please consult CENO staff!


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