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Company news about What are the advantages of rotary joints?

What are the advantages of rotary joints?


Latest company news about What are the advantages of rotary joints?

Compared with the rotary joint of packing seal structure, the rotary joint of mechanical seal has the following advantages:


Firstly, due to the vibration of the equipment and the swing of the hollow shaft, the sealing effect of the traditional soft seasoning is reduced.Secondly, the application conditions in industrial production are becoming more and more stringent. In order to meet the requirements of safe and reliable production, rotary joints with mechanical seal structure are more and more likely to be used.


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In addition, the scope of production automation rapidly expanded, the use of mechanical seal structure of the rotary joint does not need to maintain, rotary joint under pressure, temperature and speed and other parameters are higher than the packing seal structure, and leakage loss is very small, so its sealing performance exceeds the packing seal structure.


Packing seal structure of the purchase cost lower than that of rotary joints, but after the installation and use of packing seal of the maintenance cost is very high, although the swivel one-time purchase cost is higher, but, because of his long life, the power of small friction loss and save maintenance and management personnel, to reduce or eliminate the leakage are serious again the number of times and therefore part time, therefore, the total cost is still below packing seal structure.


The rotary joint is also small in size, light in weight, convenient in installation, use and maintenance.Not sensitive to strong vibration and sway of matching equipment;Prevent and reduce fluid leakage;Energy and fluid conservation is remarkable.It is also of great significance in improving environmental sanitation and labor productivity.

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