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Company news about What are the requirements UAV slip ring ?

What are the requirements UAV slip ring ?


Latest company news about What are the requirements UAV slip ring ?



With the development of science and technology, no matter in daily life or some large-scale activities, unmanned aerial vehicles can play a great role, then the role of special slip ring unmanned aerial vehicles is the most important.


When the UAV is in operation, a conductive slip ring is needed to solve the rotation problem for the camera running at 360° and for any device that needs to be powered during rotation.With the rise of the industry, the application requirements are getting higher and higher.


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Features of CENO UAV slip ring:

A. The stator and rotor are separate, solid or center through hole can be selected, according to customer requirements.

B. Able to meet the space limitations and installation requirements in the customer system.

C, can be used to replace wire contact needle, transmission of large current.

D. Can transmit current and signal at the same time.

E, Gold to gold contact to ensure long life.



With the maturity and development of UAV technology, because it is easy to operate, take off and land by the site of small restrictions, good stability and safety and other advantages used in various industries, with aerial photography, fast delivery and other very practical functions...



In order to realize the unlimited rotation of high-definition camera and other equipment on the UAV platform, and have the functions of efficient maneuvering and fast capture, we usually use the mini-slip-ring or MSDI high-definition slip-ring on the UAV to make it have the functions of communication and conduction, so as to make the UAV more intelligent.The selection and customization of the special slip ring for UAV is very rigorous, and the professional research and development team of CENO will provide you with the best solution.

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