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What is the difference between optical fiber slip ring and ordinary slip ring?

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What is the difference between optical fiber slip ring and ordinary slip ring?
Latest company news about What is the difference between optical fiber slip ring and ordinary slip ring?

Fiber slip ring it is to use fiber as a tool to transmit optical signals a slip ring, to the modern industrial development, the application of optical fiber is very common, from telecoms to video, industrial and military applications, optical fiber as a rapid transmission medium is ubiquitous, its main characteristic is fast, precise, accurate, and it compared with other material to transmit a larger capacity of the wire and cable data.


We also understand the prospects of the development of optical fiber slip ring, we all know that no matter what industry choice, before entering must understand the industry development prospects, have very good prospects for development with technology, we will have more enthusiasm and motivation to do it, the prospect of optical fiber slip ring has always been our concern, has also been a lot of user's favorite, the making process of the optical fiber slip ring is very complex, very large upfront investment of equipment and funds, cost is very expensive, very fine craftsmanship, so the price also is much more expensive than ordinary conductive slip ring, but because of its small volume, high performance and stable transmission,Optical fiber slip ring has been widely used in vehicle-mounted radar, shipboard radar, rewinding drum and other mechanical equipment in recent years.


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Fiber slip ring size is very compact, do not need to do as much as other conductive slip ring do big size can be up to one meter in diameter, small to the diameter of the coin, fiber optic slip ring volume is small, whole feels very deft, together is also very convenient, many in the industry need to choose all of the applications of big data transmission fiber slip ring as a rotational structure of key components.Fiber optic slip ring is more durable, its main material is stainless steel, can prevent corrosion and oxidation, very suitable for the sea bottom, ships, aerospace and other fields;In addition, optical fiber slip ring can be resistant to electromagnetic interference. No matter under the interference environment of high magnetic field or strong electric pressure current, optical fiber slip ring can also work normally without being affected. Moreover, it also has special stability and security, unlike other cables that need special shielding to maintain stable transmission.


Compared with other signal slip rings, optical fiber slip rings use optical fiber for signal transmission. The confidentiality is not good, and there is no electromagnetic leakage or interference. Moreover, the insertion loss is low and the insertion loss fluctuation value is even lower, so the transmission performance is very stable.Other fiber belongs to non-contact transmission slip ring, rotating without friction losses, live longer than average slip ring, and it's important the bandwidth of the optical fiber transmission is very big, has the characteristics of long transmission distance, high transmission rate, fiber optic slip ring even under the high speed of 20000 RPM, its transmission performance do not decrease, fiber optic slide also can be combined with electrical slip ring of the photoelectric slip ring.

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