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Company news about What is the waterproof slip ring ?

What is the waterproof slip ring ?


Latest company news about What is the waterproof slip ring ?


ECN038-06P2-02EG-IP64 is a waterproof slip ring with IP grade IP64,integrated power and 2 groups of 1000M Ethernet slip ring .CENO slip rings for construction machinery have experienced incessant improvement for years. Also with the accumulated experience and technology in design and manufacturing, CENO launched an excellent dedicated waterproof slip ring for cranes. In comply with the industrial features; the slip ring operates well in its precise location of its angular rings. Moreover, with a large lifting capacity, the part is able to accomplish 360° rotating transmission with little transmission loss and no data package loss. One point is that its IP68 high protection level supports outdoor working conditions very well.Typical application usually like pipeline equipment,food industry,filling equipment etc.


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  • 360 rotating transmission
  • Working underwater 1000M
  • Integrated power and signal
  • Inner bore 38.1mm






  • Construction machinery
  • Ship offshore equipment
  • Display equipment
  • Amusement equipment






  • Through hole size
  • Current & ring numbers
  • Signal type
  • IP protection grade




According to working environment, the waterproof slip ring could be divided into multiple protection grade, such as IP65,IP67,IP68 and so on. The protection grade design and material selection for the slip ring is associated with working environment liquid ingredients, such as sea water, fresh water, oil etc.

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