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Company news about Why do fiber optic slip rings have such high reliability?

Why do fiber optic slip rings have such high reliability?


Latest company news about Why do fiber optic slip rings have such high reliability?

With the progress of science and technology, the conductive slip ring has been upgraded and updated in the whole process of industrial upgrading, and become more and more precise.With the development of the whole communication industry, many system equipment, such as video surveillance system, radar system, electronic countermeasure system, need big data, high-speed transmission, need 360 conductive transmission current, no winding, so the application demand of optical fiber slip ring is growing


As the jewel in the crown of communication technology, 5G is mostly not a distant innovative and revolutionary technology, but the development of existing communication technology.Wireless communication is known to use electromagnetic waves to communicate.Radio waves and light waves are electromagnetic waves.Communication technology is not mysterious. The remarkable feature of electromagnetic wave is that the higher the frequency, the shorter the wave length, and the closer the diffraction ability is to the linear transmission, the worse the transmission is.The higher the frequency, the greater the attenuation on the propagation medium.


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5G literally stands for 5th-generation wireless systems, which include many important technologies such as millimeter wave, beamforming, and Massive MIMO.


With the popularization of 5G technology, high-speed development and technological innovation in autonomous driving, smart home appliances, smart manufacturing, telemedicine, smart cities and other fields will be promoted.In many of these automation fields and technology platforms, the use of slip rings is required to achieve 360 rotary conduction and signal transmission.


The slip ring is an important part between the two, which greatly simplifies the structure of the system. It is more accurate and stable than the transmission current and signal of the general electrical parts, and has high reliability.Many users will ask why the slip ring has such high reliability.From the point of view of slip ring manufacturer, the transmission performance of a product contact parts of material use and installation has much to do, is divided into a variety of contact materials, have low copper, silver copper, silver copper wire, high silver and copper wire and other precious metals line, different materials, the stability of the contact is different also, contact parts installation is also important,Refers to the metal wire and conductive torus contact position and contact pressure.Not too much pressure, not too little pressure.The size of the pressure directly affects the life of the whole conductive ring.


Fiber slip ring need unrestricted, continuous or intermittent rotation, and especially suitable for the need from a fixed position to the rotational position transmission of large capacity data, signal, to improve the mechanical properties, simplifies the system operation, the optical fiber by the rotation of the movable joints and collector ring ring with traditional electronic set combination, can make the photoelectric hybrid collector ring,Transmission of power and high-speed data.

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