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Company news about Wind Turbine Slip Ring

Wind Turbine Slip Ring


Latest company news about Wind Turbine Slip Ring


Wind power slip ring in the wind power system for the whole system of power, control signal and data transmission functions, is the critical component in the fan system, the precision, reliability and work life directly affects the performance of the wind power system.



Do to the horizontal axis wind turbine with high efficiency of wind energy conversion, shorter axis in big wind turbines more highlights the economic advantages of mainstream models to make it one of the world's wind power development, and occupies more than 95% market share.


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At present, CENO electronics heavily in R&D and production application in large wind power equipment for wind power slip ring, it is suitable for power in 0.75 2.5 MW wind power equipment, high protection grade, and in view of the domestic work for the leakage of the gearbox oil affect the slip ring problem, increase the sealing device in rotor tapping, to prevent the oil from entering and not to affect the rotating torque of the rotor. And aim at the abnormal weather in recent years, in order to prevent bad weather for long time high (low) temperature,the installation of a cooling device and low-temperature automatic heating device to ensure the reliability of the product.




1. Precious metal ensures over-long life

2. Low contact resistance

3. Compatible with data bus protocols

4. Smooth running, low torque and compact design





1. Working speed

2. Higher sealing grade

3. End connectors and wire outlet position

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