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CENO Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd
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CENO Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd Company Profile

CENO Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd

We create, We design, We build

CENO Electronics is a technical company. It has been engaged in Research,Development, Design,Manufacture and Sales in the slip ring field since 2009.
  • China CENO Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd Company Profile
  • China CENO Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd Company Profile
  • China CENO Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd Company Profile
  • China CENO Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd Company Profile
Main Market: North America , Western Europe , Eastern Europe , Oceania , Worldwide
Business Type: Manufacturer , Seller
Brands: CENO
No. of Employees: 100~200
Year Established: 2009
Export p.c: 70% - 80%

CENO Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd is a technical company. It has been engaged in Research, Development, Design, Manufacture and Sales in the slip ring field since 2009 and has accumulated abundant experiences and continued to offer high-quality slip rings & professional solutions to many industries and global customers.


CENO factory covers 3000 square meters, and registration capital is 5 million CNY.All members of our technical team are senior engineers, had ever worked for local research institution and multinational enterprise in the slip ring field for more than 10 years. In this field, we aimed to offer completed solutions to our customers,from design, manufacturing to sales since we can fully understand customer’s high-quality demand and application.In order to provide professional services to meet high-end markets’ requirements in respective fields such as maritime, defence, automation, radar, aerospace,motion simulator and engineering machinery.


To satisfy diversified technology demands, CENO has introduced the comprehensive quality management system since 2015, to strictly control each process from R&D, manufacturing, testing and after-sales tracking.No only count on advanced high precision equipment,also utilize high technology to improve product performance and utilize precise instrument to ensure product quality.


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CENO electronics is striving to become the leading manufacturer of professional slip rings in the world. Furthermore, we have obtained certification of ISO9001, CE,UL,RoHS and some advanced technology patents. Products sales cover more than 30 provinces & areas domestic, and widely sold worldwide,such as USA, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, UK, France, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Indonesia and so forth. Providing OEM &ODM services to many well-known companies in the world.



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As a technical enterprise,CENO has abundant experience in particular industry and special industrial slip ring design.We are capable of providing below customized design.

· Marine environment

· High current,High voltage slip rings

· SDI,HDMI High definition slip rings

· Ethernet,USB High speed rate slip ring

· Encoder,CANBUS,temperature sense measurement and control

· Fiber optical rotary joint,Wave length is optional,Channel number up to 20

· RF rotary joint,frequency up to 50GHz

· IP65 protection or higher

· Pneumatic,Hydraulic,Explosion-proof slip ring

· High altitude,Strong vibration,Strong impact,Low temperature application

· Above particular slip rings are allowed to integrate.Welcome to contact us with your demand.


CENO keeps good partnership with friendly cooperator with many years.Pursuit customer's satisfaction is our eterner goal.


CENO is one of premier slip ring manufacturer of high performance products.Support full service for technical and commecial.We have a comprehensive after sales service includes timely respond for customer's request,support flexible solution,offer rapid delivery and on-site technical service.


All the time,CENO main business are industrial slip rings,rotary joints,rotary union.Apart from these business,we also offer value-added services aimed at optimize solution to reduce cost,enhance the quality reliability.Customer could facilitate their project via our flexible design,normalized manufacturing and reliable testing.


To achieve the satisfaction from customer,we insist 24 hours 7 days customer service.Your satisfaction,our pursuit.


CENO service advantage

1. Before sales service---Rapid reply

2. Technical service---Flexible solution

3. Sales service ----Reasonable price

4. After sales service  ---Fast delivery and onsite technical service 





CENO has more than 10 years experience in slip ring field.Till now,we've manufacturing several thousands type slip ring.There are power slip ring which transmitted current range from 1Amp to 3000Amp.Signal slip ring tansmits Ethernet,USB,RS,CANBUS,LVDS,EMC,etc.Through hole slip ring has hole size from 4mm to 2500mm.Pancake slip ring thickness could be 6mm.Capsule slip ring diameter minimum 5.5mm .Radio frequency rotary joint has channel number up to 5 channels.Fiber optic rotary joint channel number up to 22.Media in rotary union could be Nitrogen,gas,oil,pure water,sea water and so forth.



New style Slip ring patent

Self-design testing program for signal



Advanced slip ring technical patent

Anti-explosion testing passing certification

Cable reel slip ring technical patent 



ISO9001 Quality management certification

RoHS certification



ERP system introduced



CENO Company established 


Our Team

CENO has completely organization supports the smoothly operation.


Engineering department with experienced members


CENO electronics is one high tech company.It keeps innovation on slip ring research and development.Each new slip ring generation is borned under our continually research and development effort.Slip ring design with advanced concept to fulfill the new demand from new products.Draw on specific software in design,offer efficiently solution to customers and gained a praise always from current cooperator.


Quality inspection with advanced test & inspection instrument

Set quality inspection point not only at segment of quality,but also in production process to reduce the quality risk to increase effiency on manufacturing.Rely on the high precision inspection instrument to ensure the parameter are all in the required value.



Enthusiasm & professional marketing member with engineers 

Enthusiasm is an infinite power.The word is real  express on CENO people.They have infinite power to work on their major.Customers feel deeply that all of CENO marketing team are eager to provide excellent service to each customer and help to overcome every difficulty,go through to achieve the goal together.Win-win situation is our eternal goal.

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